Introducing our latest model the 16’ Ro LSG.

This year marks our 22nd year in being the leader in the Drift Boat industry. We started small but what really has set us apart from our competitors is our constant drive to have the most innovative boats on the river.  Our latest offering is the 16’ Ro LSG. We have taken our time-tested Ro 16’ Guide model that we have been building for 19 years now and gave it an entirely new, slimmed down look. With lower gunnels, lighter weight and a completely re-designed interior this boat fits the niche perfectly of people wanting a full-sized boat without the disadvantage of having high sides to catch the wind. With its provocative lines and new interior, the reviews have been stellar.. With the capability to store four rods in our quick draw storage system and improved off the floor sponsom storage, we have delivered a boat to our consumers that they have been craving. The footprint is the same as our Guide model boat with plenty of rocker to glide through those wave trains and our convex chines to knife across the river with ease.  This boat will perform equally on a calm tail water or raging freestone river, making it an awesome all-around drift boat for guides and clients alike .

LSG stern shot


Overhead LSG


LSG head on



Standard Features:

  • Deluxe, All-Weather Padded Swivel Seats (Front & Rear)
  • 4” Padded Rowers Seat
  • Front and Rear Leg Locks
  • Bow Storage
  • Front and Rear Dry Storage Compartments
  • Walk Around Rower’s Box
  • Foot Anchor System with Rope & 30lb. Anchor
  • Cup Holders
  • Non Skid Floors
  • Easy Side Storage
  • 9’ Sawyer Polecat Oars
  • Deluxe Double-Roller Galvanized Trailer with Galvanized Rims 2 Color Paint Scheme
  • Recessed and Staggered Rod Holders

Optional Features

  • Second Front Anglers Seat $180
  • Custom Paint (anything) $Call
  • Premium Oar Upgrade $Call
  • Spare Breakdown Oar $190
  • Aqualon Waterproof Cover $625
  • Spare Tire and Mount $225
  • Spare Drain Plug $6
  • Extra Oar Lock $56
  • Rower’s Bench $399