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RO Deville 2016 $7995

This Ro Deville is in great shape! It has the walk-around layout and dry storage boxes under all the seats, floor anchor system, cup holders, and standing braces. This package includes a new Deluxe Black Dog galvanized trailer (not shown), oars, anchor, and rope.  ALL NEW AND USED RO DRIFT BOATS COME WITH OUR LIFETIME […]

Clackacraft 16′ LP Flypod 2009 $7850

This Clackacraft 16′ LP Flypod is in great condition!  This boat has storage under all the seats as well as the fly pod storage, standing braces, rod holders, cup holders, and floor anchor system.  This package also includes a 2016 Deluxe Black Dog galvanized trailer, spare tire, boat buckles, oars, anchor, and rope.  Contact RO Sales […]

RO Deville 2015 $8500

This RO Deville is in excellent condition!  This boat comes with a rowers bench, dry storage under all seats, rod holders, standing braces, and cup holders.  This boat also comes with a Deluxe Black Dog galvanized trailer, boat buckles, Sawyer square top shoal cut oars, anchor, and rope.  Contact RO Sales Department Phone: 406-641-0011 or Email […]

Make your day on the river a lot easier.

There are not a lot of accessories to put on your drift boat. Besides oars, cooler, life jackets and possibly a fly patch or two there isn’t too much more you really need. One accessory that I would highly recommend is a pulley for the anchor system. This back-saving addition will make anyone’s life a […]

Trailer maintenance.

Fortunately owning a drift boat requires little maintenance.   But there are some things you cannot ignore.  Depending on how much you use your boat will determine how often you must do a check up.  Guides who drive hundreds of miles a week need to pay more attention than the family who heads to the […]

Choosing Boat Colors.

When buying a new boat one important decision you have to make is what colors you want your boat painted.  Your choices are either a two tone exterior or one solid color for the outside.  Most of this is left up to personal preference, but there are a few things you might want to consider […]

Motor Mounts

We receive many calls on the topic of adding a motor to our drift boats.  Most of our drift boat models are rated for up to 10 horsepower.  If you want to put your boat under power there are a few things you want to consider.

The best option is?

Because most people just want to putt […]

Boat Buckles

Over the years the Ro drift boat has evolved and continues to improve .  Recessed rod holders, low profile designs and built in waste containers to name a few.  Another great addition for your drift boat are Boat Buckles.  Boat Buckles are a a retractable gunwale tie down system.  They hold your boat down snugly […]

Your next boat should be a Ro if you ask me.

I have been guiding fisherman for almost 50 years and I still love it. I take every opportunity to use equipment that can make my fishing day a bit easier. Ro Drift Boats has created a boat that sneaks around the Beaverhead better than any craft out there. The 16″ Ro Camino has revolutionized small […]

New Website!

We have been working on a new website for the last few months and are excited to be launching it today . Thanks to all of you that have contributed photos and content.

We are super happy with the results. Kelly from Wit-Creative was a joy to work with in getting this new site built and […]